Collection: All Coffee

We came up with the concept for Mood as we wanted to make it easier for everyone to enjoy good coffee. Our roasts could be best defined as a mash-up, or the best of Southern Hemisphere styles, with a dash of that Nordic aproach, roasting specifically for either espresso (medium) or filter (light).

We roast espresso to highlight the sweetness of a bean, balance that with a wee bit of acidity, and give a smooth finish so it tastes great black or with milk. You'll still taste the flavours inherent to the terroir of our single origins and get some really great flavours from our blends.

Our filters, we roast lightly, but not crazy light, intended to empasize the characteristics of each coffee and bring the full potential of those beans. You'll get a coffee thats easy to work with, tastes great, so you can really taste the hard work that took place at origin.