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Mood Coffee Roasters

Nostalgia - Seasonal Espresso Blend

Nostalgia - Seasonal Espresso Blend

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Medium roasted espresso blend.

Origins: Brazil, Colombia, & Timor-Leste.
Processes: Natural & Washed.

Notes: Dark chocolate, sultanas, cardamom.

We´re a sentimental bunch here at Mood, and that was why we were inspired to create our Nostalgia blend.  

Roasted to give you that classic coffee flavour - sweet, full bodied, hints of those spicy flavours, alongside a heavy, rich body and a clean dark chocolate aftertaste. Do we need to say more? 

Delicious with milk, (and maybe even a cheeky wee teaspoon of sugar) we made this especially for versatility in your kitchen. As a pour over you’ll get those coffee flavours you know, with mild acidity, chocolate and cacao notes. As an espresso, stove-top espresso, or a french press, you'll get all those delicious oils added to the mix which will add to the chocolatey notes and give that delicious full bodied cup you're looking for.

All up, we’ve done the hard work here with this blend, you just make the brew the way you always have. It's about knowing where we’ve come from, acknowledging the past and celebrating the classics. 

Go ahead, share a coffee without any pretense.

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