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Yaye - Ethiopia

Yaye - Ethiopia

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Country: Ethiopia
Region: Sidamo, Arbegona District
Elevation: 1995-2230 masl
Process: Natural
Coffee Variety: Heirloom Varietals.

Tastes like:  Strawberry Jam, White Peach, Almond

The first of this season’s Ethiopian’s, Yaye, is yet another beauty from Testi Coffee and their wet mill situated in the Arbeno district in Sidamo Ethiopia. 

Harvested from more than 300 smallholder farms (which on average measure less than one hectare), the incredible altitude of Arbeno along with careful processing and drying, has produced a coffee showcasing epic complexity and a banging, vibrant, sweet cup.

After sorting, these cherries were carefully dried for 3 weeks, under the constant gaze of Testi’s staff, who turned the piles 5-6 times a day to ensure even drying and fermentation. You can expect a cuppa displaying a thick syrupy body, fruit forward sweetness and crisp bright acidity. 

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