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Wildberry Wingdinga - Burundi

Wildberry Wingdinga - Burundi

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Tastes like:  Greengage, Wildberry & Raspberry 
Country: Burundi
Region: Runinya, Kayanza Province
Elevation: 1500-1700 masl
Process: Anoxic Water Pillow Natural
Coffee Variety: Red Bourbon

This is our second year buying from the Izuba washing station where Raw Material works alongside local partners, producing truly exceptional coffees. This lot in particular is bloody special, and we snapped up all we could. 

The anoxic process is an experimental, anaerobic fermentation method that’s produced outstanding results over the last few seasons. We’ve found that it greatly enhances the flavour profile of coffees, producing unique flavours as well as really highlighting the acidity. 

In short, this is a stonking good coffee, and you can expect vibrant acidity, candy sweetness alongside striking berry & plum notes. 

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