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Eco Chico

Eco Chico

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Country: Peru

Region: El Palomar, Villa Rica

Elevation: 1720 masl

Process: Washed

Coffee Variety:    Red Obata, Catigua, Tupi.

Tastes like: Orange, Apricot, Cacao 

The second and most accessible of lots we purchased from the most recent Peruvian harvest. This iconic bad boy from La Chacra Don Dago’ is a ‘simple’  washed coffee, produced in the Marin families’ unreal and idyllic biodynamic plantation. 

After being hand picked, selected, and  depulped these beans were fermented in specially designed tanks, for 72 hours. After which time they were all washed, to remove any remaining fruit, before being dried on raised beds for 15 days. 

The result gives epically punchy and sweet stone fruit and citrus notes with super smooth dark chocolate and cacao undertones. We thought this was best suited as a light-medium roast, to accentuate its sweetness and the rich cacao finish. 

Ideally suited for espresso, great with milk and black, you’ll get a sweet and complex coffee leading with the crisp fruit notes, with a delicious chocolate finish.   


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