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Peaches - Ethiopia

Peaches - Ethiopia

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Roasted for: Filter.

Origin: Ethiopia, Oddoo Shakisso, Oromia.
Elevation:1950 - 2150 masl
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom 
Process: Anaerobic washed.

Notes: Hibiscus, peach & mandarin

Our first coffee from Ethiopia!

We’re super stoked to have this, wee, anaerobically fermented sweetie on the menu. Coming from over 850 smallholder farmers and famous heirloom varietals, this coffee is a spectacular example of Ethiopian coffee, with super intense floral notes.

Coming from the Gigessa station, in Guji, this beauty is part of their improved processes project. Guji’s climate and soil, along with a refined fermentation process, leads to the cracking results we see in the cup.

Carefully selected cherries were fermented, under water, for 100 hours, with fresh cold water repeatedly added to maintain the temperature between 18.5 and 20.5 degrees, allowing for such a controlled, extended fermentation. 

After fermentation, the coffee was then dried on raised beds for 15 days. 

All that gives these remarkable, small, dense beans a deliciously complexity, consisting of powerful floral notes and a delicate acidity. 

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