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Funky Monkey - Seasonal Espresso Blend

Funky Monkey - Seasonal Espresso Blend

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Seasonal Espresso Blend.

Origins: Brazil, Burundi, Timor Leste, Colombia.
Process: Washed & Natural.

Notes:  Super sweet, with bright acidity, notes of molasses, milk chocolate, & blackcurrants.

Inspired by the black forest gateau, the Funky Monkey is choc-full of deep dark fruit flavours like cherry, plum and black currant, and rounded out with earthy, dark and milk chocolate notes.

Medium roasted, so it’s perfect for stove-top and home espresso machines, or if you're into flavour bombs loaded with body, chuck it in your plunger/french-press, aero-press.

The funk of this season's blend comes from the two pulpy, natural coffees from Brazil and Burundi, which make up 75% of it. These bring those popping fruity notes, while the Timor Leste and Colombian coffees complement these heavy fruit flavors with some delicate crisp acidity and more spicy earthy flavours.

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