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Comfort - Seasonal Filter Blend

Comfort - Seasonal Filter Blend

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Seasonal Filter Blend.

Origins: Burundi, & Timor-Leste.
Processes: Washed & Natural.

Notes: Stewed Apple, Butter Biscuit & Nutella.

As a filter blend we’re looking to bring coffees together that give you a crowd pleasing coffee that will be complex enough to satisfy the connoisseur, but simple enough that you don’t need to have a refined pallet to appreciate its quality. 

It’s a seasonally rotating blend, mixing the sweetest of coffees, giving you a tasty, tasty, mix. Highlighting the fruitier notes, balanced acidity, and a smooth chocolatey finish. So, while the coffee in this blend will change with the seasons, you can rest assured that this gem will remain a reliable staple to our menu.


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