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Kadogo - Kenya

Kadogo - Kenya

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Country: Kenya
Region: Kirinyaga County, Central Province.
Elevation: 1600 masl
Process: Washed
Coffee Variety: SL28, SL34, Ruiri

Tastes like: Black Currant, Shortbread,  Raspberry Jam.

Sourced from the Kibirigwi Farmers Cooperative (with 1,095 contributing members ) and the Thunguri station, this bad boy is our first kenyan; a supremely tasty coffee and a stonkingly good example of what the region produces.
It’s a tiny, dense and delicious bean, known as a pea berry. Traditionally seen as a defect, as only one seed is produced per cherry, it can actually produce a far sweeter and complex coffee as that one  seed didn’t need to share any nutrients with a twin. Also, why we called it Kadogo - meaning small in Swahili. 
This complexity and sweetness is also the result of the near perfect local environment these cherries were grown in: The coop is based in the fertile foothills of Mt. Kenya, at 1,600m above sea level, with a mild climate (average temperatures ranging from 13-24 degrees). All this means that the coffee cherries grown in the region are able to mature slowly, allowing time for a high concentration of the sugars to develop in the fruit. 
The result is a sweet, complex and bright coffee, well balanced but with striking berry notes and a smooth buttery finish. 

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