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Country: Peru
Region: El Palomar, Villa Rica
Elevation: 1720 masl
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Coffee Variety: Catigua

Tastes like: Custard Apple, Strawberry, Lime

The third and most special of our Marin series, our first direct trade partnership, coming from the awesome Chacra Don Dago, a biodynamic farm situated in the foothills of the Peruvian Andes.

To create this absolute gem of a coffee, only the ripest cherries are selected before being washed and floated to further remove undesirable lower grade coffees. After this selection, cherries are placed into bags which are then filled with CO2 and sealed. This leaves the cherries in a pressurised, oxygen free environment. Encouraging the breakdown of sugars and increasing the production of lactic acid, one of the major steps that leads to such a supremely tasty coffee, brimming complex fruitier notes.

This fermentation is carried out for a whopping 120 hours, after which the whole cherries are then dried for 20 days on raised beds.  All of this leads to a wickedly complex coffee, delicately sweet, with intense notes of berries and exotic fruits. It maintains a delicious crispness and clarity, it ’s definitely on the funkier end of the spectrum.

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