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Zapp Juice - Rwanda

Zapp Juice - Rwanda

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Zapp Juice:

Roasted for: Filter
Origin: Rwanda, Nyamasheke District, Kilimbi Station
Elevation: 1600 - 1650 masl
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural

Tastes like:  Nectarine, Strawberries & Vanilla Cream,

One more epic natural, coming at you from the Kilimbi station, based on the shores of lake Kivu.  A high altitude lake situated in the North West of Rwanda and bordering the DRC. It’s only accessible by boat, and was one of the first stations in 

Rwanda to export and produce naturals. We thought that was pretty awesome, and the expertise used in producing such a tasty coffee is so clear in the final product.

The altitude and microclimate from the lake, provide the perfect environment to dry the exceptional coffees from the region, as the winds produced by such a large body of water are forced across the plains where the raised beds are set up. Providing near constant airflow, which is ideal, especially when you're dealing with Naturals. 

Of course it’s yet another cracking coffee, from Rwanda, made possible by the good folk at Muraho Co. and Raw Material. Like always, because of these two teams, we know the money’s going to the right people. Their experts in what they do, and their helping us to ensure we can keep getting epic coffees for you for many seasons to come.

It’s fruity, creamy, and complex. Reminiscent of a certain ice cream you can find here in Denmark. Which is why we called it Zapp Juice, and we hope you enjoy it.

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