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Shyira - Filter

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10% of sales of every bag go towards the Rwanda Relief fund, run by Raw Material (see more on our coffee with a purpose page).

Roasted for: Filter.

Origin: Rwanda, Nyamasheke District.
Process: Washed.

Notes: Mandarin, Grapefruit, Mango & Black Tea.

Lightly roasted to highlight the juicy fruit flavors and crackling acidity inherent to this terroir, this mouthwatering sucker tastes more like a fruit punch than a coffee. It comes from the highest washing station our mates from Raw Material and Muraho Trading Co. know of in Rwanda, which lends to the sparkling acidity, and the complexity of flavours this coffee has.

So aside from being goddamn delicious, this coffee is the product of community: hand sorted to remove defective cherries, and ceremonial foot stomped to remove the mucilage after fermentation.

We love everything about this coffee, and just had to get our hands on some, we recomend you do the same.