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Roasted for: Filter

Origin: Mexico, Oaxaca, Sierra Sur
Elevation: 1650 - 1800 masl
Varietal: Pluma Hidalgo, Bourbon
Process: Washed'
Notes: Plum, Red Currant, Dark Chocolate

Easy drinking, silky smooth with dark chocolate and fruit notes. It’s a Mexican classic, made by the Luna brothers - Cemitrio and Hermilo, in Oaxaca’s misty Sierra Sur Mountain range. 

Cemitrio and Hemilo have a four hectare farm (relatively large by Oaxacan coffee production standards) close to the Pacific coast in the Sierra Sur Mountain range. They produce mainly Bourbon and Pluma Hidalgo, the latter, a mutation of the Typica variety, which originated in the small town of Pluma Hidalgo in the nineteenth century, and is generally known for its balance, mild acidity, creamy body, and smooth aromatics.

So it makes sense that this bad boy is taking over from the Flor de Apia as one of our light roasted, easy drinking, cosy sunday coffees eh... Great as a crowd pleaser but also has some beautiful clean fruit notes to keep the coffee aficionado happy. With a deliciously pleasant balance between sweetness, acidity, and fruity tones we all associate with a great cup of joe.