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Lime Sunshine - Burundi

Lime Sunshine - Burundi

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Country: Burundi
Region: Runinya Kayanza Province
Elevation: 1500-1700 masl
Process: Honey
Coffee Variety:  Red Bourbon

Tastes like: Sweet lime & maple syrup, 

Coffee collected from the hills surrounding the Izuba station, was processed as a honey after being meticulously floated and sorted to remove defects, these beauties were dried on raised beds for 30 days. 

Izuba (meaning sun in Kirundi) is the name of the station where this coffee was processed. It’s  owned by our trusted mates from Raw Material, and it’s the third season we’ve purchased coffee from them, so we know there was a positive impact.

The relative of last season’s Roy sunshine, Lime Sunshine is a delicious, bright and juicy espresso. Roasted medium-light to accentuate those crisp citrus fruit notes while also highlighting the smooth and sweet maple finish. 

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