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Javanica - Nicaragua

Javanica - Nicaragua

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Country: Nicaragua
Region: Jinotega
Elevation: 1260-1450 masl
Process: Red Honey
Coffee Variety: Java

Tastes like:  Floral with notes of blackcurrant & tangerine

A rare & exotic varietal, with a mysterious backstory, this is a stupendous coffee from the Miereisch family, based in Nicaragua.
A trailblazing genetic history, this bad boy’s history began as an Ethiopian heirloom varietal, shipped to the Island of Java, before its ancestors found their way to an eventually bankrupt experimental plant nursery, whereupon they finally landed in the hands of the MIerisch family.
Red Honey processing: This method invloves: depulping, maintaining as much mucilage as possible surrounding the coffee bean. The coffee is then dried in full sun for three days to halt any over fermentation occurring. The parchment coffee is then moved to shade, where it’s dried for a further 15 days. 
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