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Hydro Honey

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Origin: Mexico, Oaxaca State, Candelaria Loxicha, Finca Chelin 
Elevation: 1550 - 1700 masl
Varietal: Pluma Hidalgo
Process: Estelar Washed/Hydro Honey Boost

Notes: Rock Melon, Rosehip, Honey

This bloody gem comes to you from the renowned Oaxacan producer, Enrique Lopez.

A real pilar of the Oaxacan coffee community, Enrique is leading the charge with experimental, and environmentally conscious coffee production. His wet mill, is carbon positive (meaning they capture more carbon than they produce), and he's constantly traveling to further educate producers throughout Mexico on how to improve their own production.

The Hydro Honey we managed to get our hands on, is a truly spectacular and we're super excited to have it in the roastery. 

100+ hours of fermentation, a bit of carbonic maceration, along with yeasts and ice to control the fermentation, this coffee gives a cracking acidity, soft fruit notes, mixed with that classical Mexican flavour profile.

It’s just bloody delicious, and if you want to go down a wonderful rabbit hole, you can read more about the elaborate process below: 

Hydro Honey, the process

  1. Only ripe cherries were picked and selected, and sorted via floatation.
  2. These were then placed into rotoplas tanks for 48 hours of carbonic maceration (whole cherry, in an oxygen free environment, soaking in its own juices).
  3. After 48 hours the coffee was removed and depulped (the skin was removed) before being placed into a second tank along with ice and red wine yeasts for a further 72 hours.
  4. Every ten hours, the coffee was once again removed, rinsed, and then replaced in the tank for a second round of controlled fermentation, using fresh ice and yeasts.
  5. Then, after the 72 hours of depulped fermentation, the coffee was removed, rinsed, and dried; one day of full sun, 29 days in the shade.

The result is absolutely banging. Balanced but complex. Sweet, clean, acidic, and tropically fruity.

As we said earlier, it’s just bloody delicious. But that's about enough from us - you’ll have to try some yourself while it’s still kicking around here!