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Big Zinga

Big Zinga

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Roasted for: Filter.

Origin: Nicaragua, Matagalpa
Elevation: 1350-1400 masl
Varietal: Yellow Pacamara
Process: Natural

Notes:  Zingy Goldenberry & Plum Jam.

An absolute stunner to round out 2022 in, we got our hands on some naturally mutated, ginormous, Yellow Pacamara beans. Produced by Nicaraguan legends, the Mierisch family, from their new farm: Finca La Huella.

Located on a natural reserve, the farms microclimate produces the perfect environment for the famously picky Pacamara treesA misty fog covers the trees most of the day, slowing the uptake of nutrients, producing superbly healthy cherries, and locking in heaps more flavour at tyhe time of harvest.

If that wasnt enough, these beans were then meticulously selected and processed: drying for a month on patios, before being rested for a further two in shade.

We'reso chuffed with this bad boy. getting it through our mates at Plot Coffee. All that Mierisch magic leaves us with a sweet flavour bomb, you can expect a coffee bursting with lively acidity and juicy fruit notes.

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